The King’s Singers

The King’s Singers

23rd May 2020

Grammy and Emmy award winners The King’s Singers are coming the the Malthouse this May on a global tour with their new programme for 2020 called Finding Harmony.

Singing together binds us together.  From the Protestant Reformation in Europe during the 1500s to the U.S Civil Rights Movement, there have been countless moments in history when songs have united nations, cultures and causes.  This is still the case in today’s world.  Finding Harmony is evidence that music has always been our common language.  A unique collection of pieces that span the globe – including music that’s too often forgotten – each song is the key to a powerful true story about who we are and how we’ve got here.

Together, Finding Harmony proves how deeply we can be moved by all kinds of stories when songs connect us to them, to each other and to the places we come from.

I Have a Dream

  • Mahalia Jackson, arr. Stacey V. Gibbs If I can help somebody
  • Harry Dixon Loes, arr. Stacey V. Gibbs This little light of mine
  • U2, arr. Bob Chilcott M. L. K

The Singing Revolution

  • Urmas Sisask Heliseb väljadel
  • Gustav Ernesaks Mu isamaa on minu arm
  • Veljo Tormis Pärismäälase lauluke

The Many Sounds of Georgia

  • King Demetrius I of Georgia Shen khar venakhi
  • Trad. Tsintskaro
  • Trad. Gaxsovs Turpav

Lost Songs of the Highlands

  • Trad., arr. David Overton Loch Lomond
  • John Cameron, arr. James MacMillan Chí mi na mórbheanna
  • Trad., arr. Daryl Runswick Puirt a’ bheul (Mouth Music)


The Musical Reformation

  • Martin Luther and Johann Sebastian Bach Ein feste Burg
  • William Byrd Civitas sancti tui
  • Thomas Tallis God, grant with grace

Spear of the Nation

  • Trad., arr. Neo Muyanga Medley of South African Freedom Songs

The People Left Behind

  • Leyb Yampolsky, arr. Toby Young S’Dremlen feygl

In Our Time
Finding Harmony ends with a selection of pieces in close-harmony that show how music continues to unite societies in some of the struggles of today’s world. Reflecting on moments as diverse as the Feminist Movement and the 2017 Manchester
bombings, this concluding chapter is packed with brand new-arrangements that show the prevailing power of music in the
present day.


Event Type: Theatre
Running Time: 120 minutes
Company: The King’s Singers

Additional Information

The King’s Singers were founded in 1st May 1968 by six choral scholars who had recently graduated from King’s College, Cambridge.  Their vocal line-up was (by chance) two countertenors, a tenor, two baritones and a bass, and the group have never wavered from this formation since.

What really distinguished the group in its early years was its musical diversity.  the King’s Singers were a weekly fixture on prime-time television, celebrating popular music never usually touched by choral ensembles, and their unique British charm, combined with their precise musical craft, captured audiences’ hearts the world over.  The group has consistently been welcomed on the world’s great stages throughout its history – from London’s Royal Albert Hall to the Opera House in Sydney or New York’s Carnegie Hall – as well as being ambassadors for musical excellence across the globe.

Two Grammy Awards, an Emmy Award and a place in Gramophone magazine’s inaugural Hall of Fame sit among the numerous accolades bestowed upon the group.

2020 sees the launch of their project Finding Harmony taking them around the world on tour.

Vocal Ensemble:

Patrick Dunachie – Countertenor

Edward Button – Countertenor

Julian Gregory – Tenor

Christopher Bruerton – Baritone

Nick Ashby – Baritone

Jonathan Howard – Bass

The theatre box office and bar will open at 6.30pm for ticket collection, sales and refreshments.  The auditorium will open at 7.00pm for the show to commence at 7.30pm.

There will be a 20 minute interval.

To purchase a ticket for a Wheelchair User please either email or call 01227 595778 / 01227 287234

Dates & Times

Date: 23rd May 2020
Price: £28-£34.00

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